Events in the Half Year after the Listing of NaaS on NASDAQ Show that New Energy Track Becomes Focus of Attention
release time: 2022年12月21日 17:30

On December 20, six months after NaaS was listed, at the invitation of Bob McCooey, vice chairman of Nasdaq Group and chairman of Nasdaq Asia Pacific, Dai Zhen, founder, and CEO of NewLink and chairman of NaaS, visited Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square, New York for a conversation. A huge poster was displayed on the big screen at Times Square in New York by the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "NASDAQ") to celebrate the half-year anniversary of the listing of NAAS at the "Crossroads of the World".

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Bob McCooey, vice chairman of the Nasdaq Group and chairman of Nasdaq Asia Pacific, said: "'Carbon neutrality' and 'green transition' are important themes of global development. The market of electric vehicles and charging services in China is huge, and NewLink and NaaS are representatives of China's energy enterprises, which have great potential for future development."

Dai Zhen, founder, and CEO of NewLink and chairman of NaaS, said: "We should be grateful to our customers and shareholders for growing with NaaS. Starting from the mission of 'achieving universal access to green energy', NaaS has continuously consolidated its digital capabilities, improved its business layout, and repaid shareholders and society with its excellent operating performance, while striving to make greater breakthroughs in the global market."

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In the six months after its listing, NaaS has maintained its rapid development. In the first half of this year, the company provided services to 981 charging operators, up 114% year on year, and the total amount of charging reached 1,062GWh (about 1.06 billion kWh), up 160% year on year. As of June 2022, NaaS had expanded its business to 358 cities across the country, with access to more than 44,000 charging stations and over 400,000 chargers.

Through active ecological cooperation, NaaS has achieved the connectivity and aggregation of charging infrastructure. In the past six months, NaaS has developed a layout to broaden its applications in cooperation with its strategic partner TechWeb and successively provided services to eco-partners including OEMs such as LI, FAW-Volkswagen, and Voyah, Internet of Vehicles companies such as Matrix Mobility and Lion Tech, Internet and sharing platforms such as Tencent Smart Travel and Hellogil, and regional head operators such as Dazto Charging, Dianyue Charging, Luzhou Energy Investment.

At the same time, NaaS is adamant about pushing the Green Charging strategy. Through the comprehensive use of optical storage and charging technology, building photovoltaic integration, and the rational use of resources, the company is committed to promoting the efficient use of clean energy. According to the semi-annual ESG report 2022 released by NaaS, as of June 2022, the cumulative trading power of the company exceeded 458 million kWh, with clean energy (photovoltaic, wind power, and hydropower) accounting for 360 million kWh, accounting for 78.6% of the total. In the first half of 2022, NaaS reduced its carbon emissions by 700,400 tons, which is around 80% of the emission in the entire year of 2021.

The clear strategic path and business layout provide strong support for the steady growth of value. As of December 20, the share price of NaaS has increased by more than 77% since the beginning of the year. As part of its strategy to continually create value for its shareholders and investors, the company will also explore new business models such as virtual power plants, integration of optical storage and charging, intelligent operation and maintenance, and automatic energy replenishment for new power systems, auto driving, station operation, and maintenance and other application scenarios.