NaaS Technology

Station Operator
NaaS provides hardware,software and comprehensive technical services for charging operators
Smart Station Management Platform

NaaS provides smart operation services for charging stations. Combined with advanced technologies such as IoT, mobile payment, cloud computing and big data analysis, NaaS provides a comprehensive management platform for real-time monitoring, operations management, fault analysis, fault diagnosis and real-time dispatch for maintenance tasks for the entire station, improving the overall operations and management of stations.

Main Functions
Assets management
plug/nozzle stations, station sites, point cards and VIN management
Data dashboards, monitoring data map, fault detection and monitoring, disconnection detection, orders push monitoring
Order management
charging orders, charging tracking, abnormal order detection and resting orders
Sales and marketing operations management
pricing, channel discount activities, channel direct reduction activities, comprehensive channel activities and channel price recommendations
Financial management
channels reconciliation, operating reports, charging refund management
Customer Case Studies

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Zibo's new energy charging and battery swapping monitoring platform project

the system relies on an intelligent management platform, that connects and analyzes data, offers online monitoring, offline verification, customer review monitoring, and other customer services - providing data information services for government  departments to enable the formation of planning policies, industry standards, and operations management