NaaS Wins “New Energy Innovation Service Award of 2022” for Its Low-carbon Development Concept!
release time: 2022年12月27日 17:50

On December 23, 2022, the 16th China Auto Annual Conference, organized by The Economic Observer under the theme of “Resilience: Momentum for Innovation”, was successfully concluded. During the conference, a list of enterprises of 2022 was published.

NaaS (NASDAQ: NAAS) won the “New Energy Innovation Service Award of 2022”. Listed on the NASDAQ on June 13, 2022, NaaS has become China’s first listed charging service provider.

As a combination of a virtual power plant aggregator and a new energy service provider, NaaS delivers “butler” services to the new energy industry and provide industry-level solutions for the new energy industry’s upstream and downstream chain.

Upholding the low-carbon development concept, NaaS works with its partners to actively build a complete new energy industrial ecosystem, promote efficient synergies among new energy vehicles (NEVs), green infrastructure, and renewable energy, and instill new impetus into the green and sustainable development of transportation.

Through its online and offline charging solutions and non-charging services, NaaS helps charging pile manufacturers in expanding their sales and marketing channels to increase the sales of chargers; help OEMs make charging more intelligent; better serve the need of electric vehicle users by enhancing the convenience of the use, services, and charger location to improve their charging experience; help charging station operators in boosting customer traffic and improving the utilization and operational efficiency of chargers, reducing the procurement costs of hardware and power, increasing revenue and diversify the sources of revenue.

Since this year, NaaS has further expanded its cooperation ecosystem, and successively delivered services to OEMs such as Li Auto, Faw-Volkswagen and Voyah, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) companies such as Ohways and Lion Tech, Internet and sharing platforms such as Tencent Smart Travel and Hellogil, and ecological partners such as Dazto Charging, Dianyue Charging, Luzhou Energy Investment and other regional head operators. In cooperation with auto companies, NaaS has implanted its nationwide energy replenishment network into the engines of 155 vehicle models from 55 auto brands, providing vehicle owners access to in-car energy replenishment experiences such as intelligent recommendation, energy alert, navigation and one-click payment. By improving the efficiency of energy deliveries, NaaS has effectively contributed to the development of the new energy industry and the implementation of carbon neutrality in China.